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Lukasz Gladysiak, Adam Rejmak and Krzysztof Mucha
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8 x 11, 108 pages, 17 archive photos, 71 color photos, 8 painting schemes, 39 graphics, paperback
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Company: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site
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As quoted from the introduction in the book "Self-propelled tank destroyers constituted an essential component of the Third Reich’s armored arm. Vehicles, which were especially useful in defensive warfare, in which the German army found itself after losing strategic initiative on the Eastern Front in the summer 1943 and following the Allied landing in Italy and France, with time began to effectively compete in armored sub-units with classic tanks. One of the largest vehicles of that type was Jagdpanther Sd.Kfz. 173, based on the chassis of the famous Panther tank".

The Book

The book starts off with the origins of design, production, technical description, combat use and where the survivors are currently located. There are period black and white photographs, 1/72 scale line drawings and tables that cover modifications, basic specifications, production overview for 1944 and 1945, unit assignments in 1944 and 1945 including eastern and western fronts, and an overview of the existing vehicles.

Following that is thirty-nine pages of 1/35th scale line drawings. These cover the Jagdpanther from the prototype to the MIAG factory’s last production series. Each of the different drawings is accompanied by a listing of specific characteristics of that vehicle. There are few individual drawings included, one being a detailed drawing of the drive wheel and engine deck. One nice feature is the inclusion of whether or not the vehicle carried zimmerit. Always a hot discussion topic.

Next are twenty-three pages of color photographs of museum vehicles. Included in this are many detailed shots of gun mantlets, exhaust, and hatches, just to give a few examples. The next twenty-nine pages consist of computer drawn images of vehicles, radio equipment and a transformer. These drawings are absolutely amazing. It almost appears that you are looking at the actual vehicle. Many of these drawings are close up detail drawings. The drawings cover a last production series MIAG Jagdpanther and a last production series MNH Jagdpanther.

The book finishes with six color plate drawings and descriptions. There are actually two more on the rear cover for a total of eight.

I am not really sure were the 3D comes into play with this book, but regardless there are beautiful drawings and this book still has a wealth of information

I highly recommend this book for modelers that have an interest in German armor especially self-propelled guns. I would like to thank Casemate Publishing and IPMS/USA for allowing me to be able to review this book.


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