Iron Man Mark 42 Prehensile Suit

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September 5, 2014
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Iron Man Cover

Dragon Models have gotten license for several movies one of them is the Avengers/Iron Man series. This is in their 1/24 series and is the Iron Man Mk 42 Prehensile Suit. This suit is noticeably more gold colored than the more common suits. The kit is seven pieces for the suit with only the back and front torso needing glued together. A base is included and also has an attachment of the flames that are coming out of the left foot.

The only construction is to trap the arms, legs and head between the torso parts. The arms, legs and head are solid molded. These have light seam lines that need sanded. To make painting simpler, I cut off the tabs that trapped the parts and glued the torso together. This allowed the main parts to be slid into place after painting. After the prep work, the torso required some minor sanding. I primed the parts with Alclad grey primer. After drying, I sprayed the entire model Tamiya Gloss Silver lacquer decanted from a spray can. Two coats of this I let it dry. I then coated the entire kit Alclad Pale Gold. At this point, I could either mask or hand paint and I hand painted the red first using Modelmaster insignia red and then the silver using Modelmaster plating silver. The base which is a couple of shipping containers and a black base were painted blue and hull red for contrast and then weathered with pastels and wash and sealed. The flames from the boot were painted yellow and highlighted red and orange.

The Mk 42 suit was assembled and the parts fit really well. To get a nice glossy finish, I dipped him in Future twice with drying time between. Future was used to attach the suit to the base and it was done.

This is GREAT little kit. Great subject and lots of choices too. Fit is almost perfect and the kit is quick to build. I can't wait to build more. Highly recommended. My thanks and appreciation to Dragon Models USA for the opportunity to build this kit.


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