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Editor's note: decals sheets reviewed are shown in photo starting at the bottom and moving up in display: 1/24 Generic Luftwaffe - AS24LUFT; 1/24 Focke-wulf - ASA24FWA; 1/32 Generic RAF - AS32RAF; 1/24 JU-87 - AS24JUA .

Airscale Model Aircraft Enhancements is a fairly new company, which managed to find a new area in model building that fills a need for the detail orientated model builder. The cockpit is probably the second area on an aircraft model that is looked at after looking at the paint job and certainly the instrument panel has to look good or the rest of the interior detail in the cockpit, no matter how good, is just overlooked. Airscale has come out with various sets of decals which either replaces the instrument console for certain aircraft or has decal sets which have generic decals to replace the instrument dials on the instrument panel. These decals help to enhance the cockpit as a whole by making the console as realistic as possible.

I have been supplied with four sets of these decals to review, which contained the full instrument panels for the Focke-Wulf Fw190A and the Junkers Ju87B Stuka, and two generic sets for the WWII Luftwaffe and WWII RAF. These decals are perfect in registry and color and the detail is such that the realism attained is fantastic. They actually look like real miniature dials and even the smallest numbers and words can be seen clearly and distinctly. The decals for the FW and Stuka have been designed for the Airfix kits but probably can be used for other kit manufacturers as well or at the very least can be used much like the generic sets and certain instruments can be cut out and used individually. The generic sets can be used on any kit.

Within each set are an instruction sheet and a small clear plastic sheet to be used as lenses, which is cut to fit the decal or the whole panel to add even more realism to the dials. These decals can be used to place behind the original kits instrument panel or as is the case with the generic decals, can be cut out individually and used like a regular water slide decal. A good setting solution is recommended so as to have the decal settle to the kits panel.

A visit to their web site would reveal the many sets avail to the modeler. There are also sets in 1/48 scale, sets for WWI and generic sets for the USAAF and the USN aircraft as well. Cockpit placards are also available in different scales.

I highly recommend these sets for modelers who build with the accent on detail. The prices are very affordable especially if one wants to keep a variety of sets to have when needed. I know I will, in time, collect the whole set to add to my stash so that if needed, I have them.

I would like to thank Airscale and IPMS/USA for giving me the opportunity to review these products.


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