Instrument Dial Decals Generic WW1

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May 23, 2011
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The product is well packaged, protected and includes the instrument decal sheet measuring 2 ¾ inches x 2 ¾ inches and a 1 ¾ x 1 ¾ thin clear plastic sheet for lenses. Explanations for the 33 World War One instruments are indexed on the instruction sheet which is very simple. The decals are very high quality with superb registrations and vivid sharpness even under magnification. This product works well with Microscale and Tamiya decal solutions. Care should be taken when using Solvaset, too much can almost melt the smaller ones.

Sadly, I could not apply these to a 1/32 scale WW1 aircraft, because I don’t own any. But this would be a dandy excuse to start into them. I did use some of them on another project I’m involved with. A scratch built 1/9 scale science fiction fighting suit. These worked great and gave the interior a nice retro industrial look.

As for the price, 10.00 USD may sound on the high side but this is definitely a high end product and multiple aircraft can benefit from this sheet. As you all know, details can make or break an otherwise well constructed model. Be wise in your choice of aftermarket products. You can’t go wrong with these.

Many thanks and cheers to the fine people at Airscale for the use of their fine product. I hope to use more in the future. Remember to enjoy our craft and pass on your talents.


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