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This is a continuation in the Hawker Hurricane series being released by Arma Hobby. This is the fourth release in the Hurricane series. Previous releases included the Mk IIc and Mk IIc tropical, and the Mk IIc “Jubilee”. The Sea Hurricane (Mk IIc) is their next release. I believe that this review will be applicable to any of their Hurricanes. It is obviously a common molding for all variants.

Reviewer’s Comments

I recently reviewed the Hobby Boss Hurricane Mk IIc and I thought it would be great to review an Arma hurricane as a comparison.

Bottom Line Up Front

This is a great kit. It is well engineered, goes together well, is accurate, and a fun build. It is designed for modelers of all skill levels. The Arma team obviously did a great job in engineering and producing this kit. Their approach to modeling and caring about their product is top notch. All that is required to get a great looking Hurricane is to follow the instructions and take your time.

What’s in the Box

The box itself is very sturdy and protects its contents. There are three grey plastic sprues and 1 clear sprue.The moldings themselves are a nice sturdy grey plastic and there is not any deformations in any of the plastic parts.The surface detail is excellent. Care must be taken while sanding, because some of the detail is small and can easily be wiped away with a light sanding stroke. The clears are well cast with no deformations visible and the canopy frames are also well done.The clears provide the option for either an open or closed canopy. Also included are masks, decals, and instructions. I did not count the parts, but there is a sufficient amount, and the number of parts is not overwhelming. Also included in the sprues are wheel well covers that can be used while the underside is painted.

The instruction manual is also well done. It is printed in color. The color in the manual are used to draw attention to certain steps that must be taken, for example, trimming the cockpit edges for a closed canopy. The colors really make the instructions clear and concise. The instructions include the three options for markings, also in color. Two marking options are for the Hurricane raiders post Battle of Britain. The third option, the one I chose, is for 302 Squadron, one of the two Polish Squadrons in the Battle of Britain. Also, reminiscent of the movie. I opted to build the 302 Squadron markings.

The decals are in register and are correct for the period.

There are also masks for all clears that go on the kit. They performed well.


Assembly is straightforward. I can’t emphasis enough that this kit is really a joy to build. As stated earlier, follow the instructions, take your time, and the end result will be a really well done Hurricane. I encountered no issues assembling the kit.

Painting, Weathering, and Decals

I used the Ammo RAF WWII Early Colors Air Set for painting, thinned with Mr. Hobby Leveling Thinner. Paint went on with no issues. The decals, likewise went down with no issues. I applied them just using water under the decal, and also used Micro Set/Sol with no issues. Once complete, I applied a clear coat for weathering. With a final flat coat afterwards. The clears masking came off at that point, also with no issues.

I would like to thank IPMS/USA and Arma Hobby for allowing me to review this kit.


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