How To Build A Patina Volkwagen

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Mark Walker
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Hardback, 160 pages, 333 pictures
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Mark Walker has released a companion edition to an earlier Veloce Publication: Patina Volkswagens.

[For a through description of that publication, see Bill O'Malley's IPMS/USA review.]

Mr. Walker's latest foray into patina Volkswagens is entitled How To Build A Patina Volkswagen. This companion volume allows for a more through discussion and understanding of this trend (patina finishes) in automotive restoration circles. By exploring all the ends and outs of this trend, Mr. Walker provides the reader with a complete understanding of what is really involved with this trend in automotive restoration, particularly VW's.

After a brief introduction, Mr. Walker delves into the process of buying and building a patina Volkswagen which begins with Chapter One: Deciding On A Look. The process he describes in selecting a car is not unlike what we as modelers sometimes do when beginning a new project. Scale modelers have been known to imagine the final build even before opening the box. As with scale models, deciding how you want the project to end is very often contingent on where and what you begin with. From Mark Walkers perspective the selection of a project car is paramount to where the restorer and the project eventually wind up. All of which he lays out in great detail.

How To Build A Patina Volkswagen is written from the orientation of an automobile restorer. The intent (I believe) for the author is to give the reader a no holds barred, blow-by-blow accounting of what you may be in for if you go down this road. From that premise alone, this is a excellent text for anyone anticipating building a Patina VW. With the plethora of excellent images and the detailed explanation of each step laid out by the author it is also an excellent text for any scale modeler. For that matter the images may also lend themselves in aiding scale modelers with applying a unique and authentic look to their own projects.

There are superb photos (333 actually) throughout the 160 page, hardcover book illustrating each of the authors steps to a patina VW from buying the right project car, stripping and parts ordering, paint finishes and modification, interior trim and how to achieve them through to finishing the look. All of which sounds familiar to the process most of us go through to complete our latest modeling project.

As I was reading How To Build A Patina Volkswagen I was struck by those similarities. From a modelers perspective this tome will be a notable and a well used addition to your library regardless of your area of interest.

My thanks to Veloce Publication and IPMS/USA for the review copy.


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