Horton Ho 229 Spirit of Thuringia

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Andrei Shepelev and Huib Ottens
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128 pages, over 250 photos
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Provided by: Specialty Press
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The German war machine produced some of the world’s most advanced aircraft designs from World War 2. The Luftwaffe's wonder weapons, when compared to their contemporaries, were clearly years ahead of their time. The Horten Ho 229 is the poster child of these machines and has always fascinated me. I’m always looking for modeling reference material on cutting edge German weaponry of the era and this publication fills in a lot of empty blanks. The book covers the story of the young Horton Brothers and the people who influenced them in their early years and during the war. The authors have compiled in great detail the most thorough technical study, complete development summary and operational record of the Horten Ho 229. Even though it was a promising design, throughout it’s operational life it continued to be a work in progress for the Horton Brothers. Arthur Bentley delivers the most accurate set of scale drawings ever produced on this aircraft plus beautiful cutaways by Andrei Shepelev and computer-generated color artwork. With 250 photographs, this book includes specially commissioned photographs of the actual aircraft.

My sample arrived with a little shipping rash and smashed corners, not good for a hardcover. The book itself is well constructed and has a gum and cord binding, it measures 9X12", the print is clear and easy to read on high-quality paper. All the photos and drawings are top-notch and very useful for historians and modelers.

So what’s out there? A pretty good selection.

  • Zoukei-Mura 1:32
  • Zoukei-Mura 1:48
  • Dragon 1:48
  • A+V Models 1:72
  • Airmodel 1:72
  • PM Model 1:72
  • PSC 72 1:72
  • Pioneer 2 1:72
  • Revell 1:72
  • Sharkit 1:72

The Bottom Line

This book reprinted due to popular demand represents the most thorough technical study of the Ho 229 ever produced. I would like to thank Crecy Publishing, Specialty Press and IPMS USA for the opportunity to present the fine book.


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