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October 13, 2015
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Eduard has produced this nice photoetch set to add considerable detail to ICM’s Horch 108 Typ 40 WWII German Personnel Car. The set adds much better detail to the light and equipment mounting brackets on the front fenders, the brackets and plaques on the rear doors, the rifle clamps, and many other miscellaneous details.

The package includes one photoetch fret, one small printed acetate sheet with instrument gauges, and instructions. The photoetch is quite thin and has been reduced further in thickness for parts like the dashboard and mud flaps. The photoetch has a slightly brushed texture to the surface. The parts contain Eduard’s typical ultra-fine detail and many of the pieces have further detail etched on the surface of the part. The gateways or connections between the part and the sprue are small, which simplifies removal from the sprue and cleanup of the pieces. There are 54 individual parts, but there are multiples of several of the pieces. Folding of the parts is clearly shown in the instructions, and they fold easily.

The small parts don’t lend themselves to soldering so I used superglue for assembly.

All of the parts detail the exterior and interior of the vehicle. There are no photoetch parts on the chassis, suspension, or engine.

The first page of the instructions includes the replacement of the identification plaque under the front bumper, and equipment tiedowns on the left front fender. Eduard also includes a replacement for the shovel, which is much thinner than the kit part. There is some intricate folding of the photoetch such as the shovel clamp, part 7.

The second page includes the detailed parts for the left front fender including the equipment holders and clamps. There are also replacement parts for the headlamp brackets, which require scraping off with the molded-on plastic brackets. The photoetch instrument panel adds excellent detail, and includes an acetate film for the gauge faces that applies to the back of the photoetch dash. I painted the dashboard German gray, attached the acetate, and then painted the back of the acetate white to highlight the gauges.

Page three of the instructions includes replacement clamps for the rifles, tiedown straps for the folded top, and replacement photoetch for the rear deck. The clamps for the rifles add incredible detail to the kit, but require some careful gluing of part 36 to the body of the clamp. It would have been easier to assemble these clamps if they were all folded out of one piece of photoetch. The leather tiedowns for the folded top really add realistic detail.

The last page of the instructions includes photoetch details for the rear doors including brackets, tail lamps, and a nice assembly for the rear dedication plaque. This step also includes mud flaps for the front and rear fenders of the kit.

This is a really nice set that has considerable detail to the ICM Horch vehicle. The fit of the parts is excellent, but there is some fairly intricate folding and gluing of small pieces. Eduard has done another great job with this photoetch set.

Thanks to Eduard for providing the review sample and to IPMS for letting me do the review.


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