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The H.IIB Launch Vehicle by Aoshima is a great little kit. When mounted on the display base provided in the kit, the model measures just shy of 6 inches in height. The display base has a small footprint, measuring about 2 inches by 4 inches. The completed project will not consume much volume in your model display case.

While the space required for display of the H-II is very small, the eye appeal of the finished model is quite large. The color scheme is dramatic, as is the shape of the vehicle and payload shroud.

The H-II features four SRBs attached to the main rocket body, with a payload shroud topping off the full stack. The rocket nozzles are molded as single pieces while the SRBs, payload shroud, and main rocket body are molded in “right/left” halves.

Aoshima has provided the option of using some clear parts that will, if used, allow the viewer to see the satellite or payload inside the payload shroud. Other clear parts allow the modeler to create a display base simulating flame and a “cloud” of smoke representing the rocket in an “engine ignition and launch” configuration. I chose to build the model using the opaque parts rather than the clear payload shroud parts. One can display the “satellite” next to the rocket by attached it to the display base, as shown in some of the images included on the instruction sheet.

Construction is simple and very quickly accomplished since most of the model consists of tubes and cylinders. The fit of these parts is excellent but some work on the seams may be required to make them disappear. There is some detail, both raised and engraved, and is well done, although probably just a bit out of scale, considering the model is in 350th scale.

Conclusion – This model is highly recommended. The model requires little space to display, just a few hours to assemble and paint, and is reasonably priced. The quality of the parts, instructions, and decals is excellent.

Thanks to the fine folks at Dragon Models USA and IPMS for the opportunity to review this very fine model by Aoshima.


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