Heydrich - Butcher of Prague

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Ian Baxter
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Paperwork, 132 black and white photos
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The book deals with the life of Reinhard Heydrich. The Foreword gives us a small synopsis of the day he joined the Nazi Party in June 1931, until his death at the hands of Czech SOE operatives, as well as the retaliation of the Germans to his death. At the end of the book you will find 11 photos dedicated to both the Czech operatives, the church where the final encounter took place, as well as 5 photos remembering the massacre at Lidice.

The book is divided into nine sections comprising of a Foreword, an Introduction five chapters and two appendices. The Foreword gives us a short synopsis of the live of Heydrich during his stay in Prague. The Introduction spans on Heydrich behavior and "accomplishments" while being the Protector of Bohemia and Morovia. It also introduces us to the SOE operatives who ambushed, wounded and killed him.

The book is divided into 5 chapters, two appendices, as well a foreword and introduction. The first chapter introduces us to the early years of Heydrich as a member of the NAZI party and his promotions through the years. Photos included in this chapter are mostly of him at work and with members of the NAZI elite. The second chapter talks about his involvement with Operation Himmler. This was the supposed attack by Polish forces to the Gleiwitz radio station. This attack was the excuse to attack Poland and start WWII. At this time the rounding up of Jews, priest and other undesirables started at earnest. In addition, Operation Tannenberg was implemented at this time.

The third chapter introduces us to the beginnings of the Genocide. How the Germans started to implement the idea of extermination of all those that opposed their ideas or were considered "sub-humans," as well as any of those that opposed the Nazi ideology. The chapter ends with Heydrich involvement in the "Final Solution" as well as the means to implement the program of annihilation of the Jewish population in the areas under German control.

The Fourth Chapter introduces us to Operation Anthropoid. This is the operation in which Czech operatives are dropped in Czechoslovakia in order to eliminate Heydrich. They talk about the results of the assassination as well. Photos of Heydrich funeral are also included in this chapter. Not only those that participated in the actual assassination were disposed of, but in addition the town of Lidice was erased from the map. The last chapter is dedicated to the memory of those that participated in the assassination; it also memorializes the town of Lidice. This chapter is only photos of places of importance to the assassination, as well as how Lidice looks today. You will find pictures of the church where the Czech operatives fought and died as well. The place has been, to a certain extent kept exactly as it was in 1942.

From the historical point of view the book is very informative and I will recommend the book only to those that are interested in the events despicted in the book.

My thanks to Casemate Publisher for allowing me to review the book.


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