Henschel Hs 123

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July 17, 2014
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Author: Robert Panek; Illustrator: Chris Sandham-Bailey
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Softcover, 136 pages, b&w and color photos, color profiles
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Orange Series #8115
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MMP’s latest volume in their “Orange Series” covers the Henschel Hs 123. The book is published on high quality smooth paper, in-between glossy stiff stock covers. On first inspection this appears to be of the same high production quality I have found in all other MMP productions. Lots of clear photos and nicely-done color plates appear throughout the book.

In a similar manner to other titles in this series, this book starts with several chapters covering the design and development of the Hs 123 (about 30 pages in ll). Throughout each of the chapters in this section there are numerous 1/72nd scale drawings depicting either the entire aircraft, or a particular feature thereof. This is followed by a chapter titled “Technical Description.” Here, as one might expect, the technical specifics of the design are laid out (ie, single-seat sesquiplane of metal construction….), and the text is accompanied by drawings from the actual Technical Manual of the aircraft.

Following the design section, the next 50 or so pages of the book cover operational usage, with chapters on the pre-war period, Legion “Condor,” the Polish and Balkan campaigns, Operation “Barbarossa,” and the Eastern Front 1942-44. Appropriate pictures and a lot of nice color profiles are present here. Several of the profiles include top and bottom views as well. Immediately after this are 12 pages covering foreign use of the Hs 123 (basically Spain and China). Here again are some nice photos and plenty of color profiles.

The last 28 pages of the book, delineated by light blue colored pages, are filled with detail photos covering every aspect of the Hs 123. This is broken down into sections such as cockpit, wings, landing gear, etc. There are a great deal of contemporary photos in here, as well as some drawings from technical manuals and some artist renderings. This is just what the detail-oriented modeler would want – good detail photos and drawings of landing gear, engine, cockpit, etc. Unfortunately, there are no remaining Hs 123s, so clear detail photos of museum aircraft (present in this section of many other MMP books) won’t be found here. Considering the photos in here were never taken with the modeler in mind, I think MMP did an admirable job of collating detail shots!

While numerous 1/72nd scale plans are included in this book, several other MMP books come with inserts that fold out into 1/48 and 1/32 scale plans of the subject matter. This time around these are not included, but are available for purchase as a separate volume (advertised on the back cover of the book).

One intriguing insert is present however, and it’s from Gaspatch Models. While one side of this insert promotes their line of 1/48 and 1/32 accessories for biplanes, it is the other side that is particularly interesting – it announces Gaspatch’s newest 1/48 model, appropriately an all new-tool Hs 123! This is the first notice I have seen of this kit anywhere, and as of this writing have not heard a peep about it on any of the modeling boards I frequent. The few reviews I have read of Gaspatch’s first kit, a Salmson 2A2, were quite favorable, so I am looking forward to this Hs 123 release.

MMP’s Hs 123 book is another worthwhile addition to your library, provided you are interested in the subject matter. There are loads of photos and drawings that will provide excellent detailing information and the color profiles will certainly provide some modeling inspiration. Whole-heartedly recommended!

Thanks to MMP Books for the review copy and to IPMS for allowing me to review it.


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