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Airfix has created a smashing new Heinkel 111 P2 kit, and this one is well worth getting if you like the HE111. The detail and high quality of this product is fantastic.

In the box:

  • 5 x light grey sprues
  • 1 clear sprue
  • 1 decal sheet
  • 1 instruction booklet

All the sprues are well molded with no flash at all.

The detail is very fine and crisp. The panel lines on the He111 P-2 are all very well defined.


First based on the order in the instruction booklet, we start on the interior of the fuselage, which like the cockpit on this kit is extremely well-detailed for a 1/72 kit. In fact the amount of detail is better that a lot of 1/48 kits I have built.

The fuselage halves are joined, and then we start in the bomb racks and wing center section.

There is a little filling to do when you bring the center wing section and the fuselage together, but not much.

Now we move to the front of the fuselage and the cockpit area, which as I already pointed out is extremely well detailed for the scale of the kit. The kit does include two figures for the cockpit which I did not install.

Now we assemble the wheel wells and install them into the center wing section. Here again the fit was a little hard and a bit of filling was done to improve the finish.

The wings are assembled onto the fuselage and wing center section at this stage. This went very well.

You now can install the flaps etc. at various angles of choice which is a nice touch.

Then on to the rudder and tail assembly, which is clean and easy to do.

The engines are next, and there was a major issue with the fit of item D12 (D14) and D11 (D13), which need a little sanding and filling to sit correctly.

The undercarriage is next, and as is normal you can select from the gear up or gear down. I went with the landed configuration. You can also decide to have the bomb bay open or closed.

The last stage is all the glass canopy areas, and the upper gun position, which were simple and quick to do.

Then on to the painting and the decals. Here I did have a problem of my own making, which is that I choose (wrongly) to use Mask-All for the glass areas, which on this aircraft is a lot! This was a big mistake as cleaning the Mask-All off was a nightmare. I should have spent the time and used masking tape, which would have been easier to remove once complete. Luckily the problem did not distract from a beautiful model when completed.


This is an excellent kit, which was a great to build and finish. I highly recommend this He-111 kit! It is amazing!

Thanks go to Airfix for providing this kit to review, and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them.


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