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March 14, 2013
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Revell 1/32 He-219 Uhu
Company: Eagle Editions Ltd. - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Eagle Editions Ltd. - Website: Visit Site
Decal Package

Thanks first to Judy and Jerry Crandall of Eagle Editions for providing IPMS USA these great decals; as fellow IPMS members, we always appreciate your support by providing us review items!

If you have never used Eaglecal decals before, now is your opportunity. The Revell Uhu is an absolutely fantastic build, and the kit decal sheet is comprehensive. However, Eaglecals has decided to provide more options, as usual…and very well done indeed they are!

Three aircraft are included in this decal sheet: an He-219A-0 (which will require a bit of antenna scratchbuilding on the Revell kit to depict the additional radar array), an He-219A-7 with a bit of different camo on the upper side (RLM 76 mottling over RLM 75, with RLM 76 lower surfaces), and an He-219A-2 with RLM 76 uppersurfaces, RLM 75 mottling, and satin black undersurfaces.

I chose the first bird, coded G9 + FK, flow by Hauptman (Captain) Ernst-Wilhem Modrow; the instructions state he was awarded the Ritterkreuz after 25 claimed night victories, with 33 total credited to him. I liked this version because it had the starboard (right) wing painted black on the lower surfaces, with the rest of the aircraft painted in RLM 76 standard lower surfaces. Yes, I know, the centerline mounted Lichenstein C-1 antenna, with the vertically mounted C-2 Lichtenstein antenna, is different than the kit’s C-2 diagonal antennas. This is shown in the instructions, but I will fix that later. I know the future Zokuei Mura kit will have this option based on advertisements I have seen…

The crosses (Hakenkreuz and Balkenkreuz) were dense in printing, well aligned, and performed magnificently. Lettering color density did not let the undersurface color bleed through.

The decals are printed in perfect register, and responded well to mild solvent where required (most did not need it on the gloss surface with which I prepared the model). A Dullcoat final overcoat worked great; no silvering, and they looked painted on!

Thanks again to Judy and Jerry; I’ve used your decals and resin before, and have never been disappointed! 10 of 10! And thanks to IPMS-USA for allowing me to use these decals and review them.


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