Hawker Typhoon, The RAF's Ground-Breaking Fighter-Bomber

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Tony Buttler
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Paperback, 128 pages; over 180 photographs
Company: Key Publishing Ltd - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site
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Although designed as a fighter to replace the Hawker Hurricane, the Typhoon found fame as a ground attack aircraft and as a rocket-firing tank buster. In this small, mainly photographic volume, acclaimed British author Tony Buttler concisely outlines the development and career of this charismatic aircraft from its inception at the start of World War II to its service demise in 1946. A short span for sure, but the impact of the Typhoon was, as Buttler explains, outstanding.

Many of the photos have been seen before, but the author is also able to draw on the archives of Aeroplane magazine, now owned by Key Publishing, to add some depth with photos that perhaps have not been published since the war. The quality of the images is mostly very good, and reproduction is excellent. Most images are black and white, though there are some period colour images too.

A nice feature is a short chapter featuring the recollections of a former Typhoon pilot with some of his photos.

Other chapters outline the development, flight testing, and service of the Typhoon; a chapter about the alternative Hawker design, the Tornado; and a chapter describing the Typhoon airframe in detail. The book is rounded out with a short glossary and a bibliography of select Typhoon books and references. No plans or profiles are included.

By no means a modelers’ book, and not a definitive reference, this is nevertheless a useful introductory volume on this important type written by an outstanding author.

Definitely recommended and my thanks to Key Publishing for the review sample and their support of IPMS/USA.


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