Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC – Hispano Mk.2 20mm Cannons

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Master Model is an aftermarket supplier that offers modelers the opportunity to add exceptional turned metal parts to their models. Generally, the sets are available for builders in 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32 scale. Most builders who prefer to add aftermarket gun barrels, refueling probes, antennas and pitot tubes to their aircraft models are quite familiar with Master Model’s line of excellent detail parts.

This set (AM-72-067) provides highly detailed 1:72 scale Hispano Mk. 2 cannon (with round recoil springs) for the Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC. The parts may be used to replace the injection molded ones in Revell, Airfix, Hasegawa, Academy, Smer, Matchbox and Heller kits. Some kits have holes in their wing’s leading edge, making installation a simple drop-in replacement for the injection molded plastic kit parts. Other kits that have cannon molded in place make it necessary for modelers to cut off the cast-on barrels and fairings, and then drill holes to insert the metal fairings. Assembling the guns involves fitting a miniature spring between two parts that make up the barrels and inserting that assembly into a turned fairing. Tweezers will be helpful to assemble everything.

The outboard and inboard cannon fairings are different sizes. The instruction sheet packed with the parts clearly illustrates this and shows how to position them. All parts in this set must be assembled to one another with superglue and then to the kit wings using the same type of adhesive.

The photos below show the small parts that make up the recoil style barrels, how small they are, how nicely detailed they are and how much more realistic they appear than typical injection molded kit parts such as those from an Airfix kit.

This set is highly recommended to average model builders who have a pin vice, a pair of tweezers, some super glue and the desire to greatly enhance the details of their next Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC.

My thanks to Master Model for providing the review sample and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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