Hawk 100 Series Landing Gear

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June 10, 2013
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Base Kit
Kinetic 1/32 Hawk 100 Series
Provided by: Scale Aircraft Conversions - Website: Visit Site
Parts Package

Intended for the Kinetic 1/32 scale Hawk 100 trainer kit, this SAC replacement gear set includes a nose gear, right and left mains, and the two main retract struts. The 5 metal landing gear pieces are finely cast and are made of a soft white metal which cleaned up in quick order with a file and a Flex-I-File. They’re the same length as the kit’s gear, but are slightly thinner in diameter. You’ll need to use the kit’s plastic part # D-38 to complete the nose gear. There are no instructions, so I just followed the kit's instructions.

The kit’s nose gear has two halves in order to get the nose
wheel in place, but the SAC metal one is in one piece. To get the wheel in, I bent the nose fork open, snapped in the wheel, then squeezed the fork back together. The main wheels fit fine on the struts and everything fits the airplane's mounting points.

I had to bend the retract struts slightly to fit because they wouldn’t fit in a straight line. To assemble and attach everything, I used 5 minute epoxy which worked well. The SAC parts are much stronger than the plastic ones and look good when in place.

I thank Scale Aircraft Conversions and IPMS/USA for this aftermarket kit review.


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