"Hawa" Vol 1: Centenary Datafile 168

Published on
August 4, 2015
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Ray Rimell & Harry Woodman
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Company: Windsock Datafiles - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Windsock Datafiles - Website: Visit Site

Centenary Datafile 168 is the first in a set of Datafiles that cover the Hannover CI.II/CI.IV/CI.IIIA series of aircraft. The history of the “Hawa” is presented in this issue, supplemented with 50+ period photos and six pages of technical drawings in 1/72nd and 1/48th by Mick Davis.

Included within is a discussion on the very unique and interesting geometry of the “Hawa” as well as some historical documentation in the form of the Aeronautical Engineering report on 13199/18 including notes and sketches. Modelers will find the entire publication filled with excellent detail resources, but the AE report includes some awesome sketches and drawing which can assist the modeler in adding detail to a model.

Some excellent full color artwork by Ronny Bar are presented on the back cover, both inside and out, and on the inside front cover.

This publication is highly recommended. Datafile never disappoints, and this issue continues a long-standing track record of quality, historical information, and superior art work. Thanks to Albatros for providing a review copy to IPMS/USA.


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