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January 30, 2016
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This kit is one of those spiffy little diorama add-ons that you sometimes would like to add, but nobody makes it. Well, Brengun comes to the rescue here.

I have had some experience with one of these “vehicles”, when I worked in receiving for Sears. And the war story follows:

I was moving a refrigerator out to the floor for display. It wasn’t quite balanced because of the floor, and it started to stand up. As I usually did, I stuck my foot out against the axle to push it back into travel position. It didn’t stop, and broke my big toe.

Fortunately for me, my Mom worked as an emergency room nurse, so she took care of me at home. The fix was to tape part of a tongue depressor between the big toe and the second toe. This acted as a splint. Then she laughed at me for breaking my toe that way. You don’t get that kind of service at the local hospital.

You get enough parts to make 4 of these little jewels. You are also provided with a choice of either resin wheels or PE wheels. The resin wheels are for the “ATV” version of the hand truck.

The kit is pretty simple. You get the basic frame, the cargo platform, an axle assembly and the wheels.

Construction begins with cutting the frame off the PE fret. The handles are then folded back. Then the side guards, which protect the wheels from the load, are folded again in the opposite direction. The axle is next, and it fits into two tiny holes in the frame. I had to use the extra magnification just to see the holes. Once the axle assembly is in place, the axle supports fit nicely against the side guards. The cargo platform is glued to the front of the frame.

At this point I painted the entire frame assembly insignia red, along with the hubs of the resin wheels. When the red paint was dry, I painted the resin wheels and the handles black. The handles usually have rubber covers to improve grip.

When the black paint was dry, I glued the wheels on. I had to trim the axles back a little, as the wheels looked like they were too far from the frame.

After this was done, I had to adjust the handles, as they got bent during handling and painting.

I recommend this kit to anyone who wants to do a diorama where boxes are being moved or some other merchandise or supplies. I can see one of these being used to bring boxes of small arms ammunition to a tank in garrison, an oxygen tank to an airplane on the tarmac, or loading a truck. Just don’t try to move a refrigerator.

Many thanks to Brengun for this little jewel of a kit, and to IPMS USA for letting me build it.


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