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Thank you to Unique Master Models (UMM) for generously providing an excellent tool set for “field testing.” Thank you as well to the IPMS Reviewer Corps for letting me be an evaluator.

This tool set consists of 5 sanding bars in polished, machined aluminum with precise, crisp edges in 5 sizes. All bars have the same geometry but have different dimensions. The tools are designed to tightly hold a sandpaper strip across a tool edge to allow using sanding in an otherwise inaccessible area. The different sizes allow you to get sandpaper of nearly any grit into hard-to-reach places. I have used tools similar to these in cabinet making and wooden ship model projects for perhaps half a century. The concept works well. The really big advantage of the UMM sanding blocks over the traditional hardwood ones is that the UMM blocks will hold their shape and edge much better. Thinner sheets of sandpaper work best as the sheet will take the “bend” better. I can’t say for sure with these blocks, but I expect that wet sanding could pull some staining off the metal if the blocks are allowed to corrode and become oxidized. Drying the blocks off and removing wet sandpaper as soon as possible will help.

There are many uses beyond sanding bar functions, such as a straight edge, scraping glue of the bench (I just did this), teasing photo-etch materials into corners, as a paperweight, and so on. I do not recommend these for stirring coffee; the acidity will take the polish off quicker, not to mention increasing your aluminum uptake!

I recommend this tool set for finishing, general all-round use, and the cool ambiance effect on your bench. These tools look great in addition to having excellent functionality.

Thank you again to UMM and the IMPS Reviewer Corps!


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