Halifax B Mk. I/Mk. II Main Bomb Bay

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October 8, 2016
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Thanks to Eduard for providing more of their excellent aftermarket parts for IPMS USA to review, and to IPMS leadership for sending it to me!

This set vastly improves the appearance and detail of Revell’s 1/72 Halifax II and III; consisting of a ceiling section, individual frame elements and door inserts, with relief detail etched in place, it is well worth acquiring if you intend to build your Halifax with the bomb bay open.

Like many Eduard sets, This main fuselage bomb bay is not for the faint of heart; it requires patience, dexterity, skill, and a lot of luck to pull off a successful installation. Only the hard-core need apply; it is not a beginner set, but in the hands of practiced modelers, makes a huge impact on the final product.

Remember rule 1: Metal work-hardens every time you bend it. Breakage is a way of life… if you try to bend things more than once, you MIGHT get a second chance…

SO, study the drawings, and develop a course of action!

First step is to remove the existing bomb bay detail from the kit; I used gloves and a brand-new x-acto chisel in a #3 handle to do the job. Place the blade against the stringer detail, pushing AWAY from any soft human bits, and work the blade across the main part. It took 15 minutes, but in the end I had everything off. A bit of sanding block to even up, then prepare to install the parts!

The instructions then tell you to assemble all the plastic, THEN install the bomb bay. I would not do it this way in the future if I ever do another Halifax…

Using a #11 blade, I removed the bay main detail from the fret, and used fine emery boards to clean up the fret edges. Fold up into a box shape: but do not cement yet!

Note 1: I finished this step, then installed the folded metal frame into the bomb bay. That’s how the instructions tell you to do it. I almost could not get the bay into the model; had to do some fettling and bending/overbending/underbending, then it was difficult to get in. IF I were to do it again I’d install the bomb bay on the plastic bay roof/cabin floor section, then trap between the fuselage halves. It all worked, but that’s my recommendation for the future.


Install the framing, bulkheads, and everything else! This takes tweezers, a magnifier would be good, and superglue. Each part needs to have the attachment tabs cleaned off before installation. The fit is that tight and if not careful you will not be able to get all the end parts into place.

I have not installed the bomb racks yet, as I am waiting for a weapons set to round out the load.

The bomb bay doors have metal facings requiring careful alignment and installation, including a bit of curvature instilled into the metal. I used superglue, attached one side, making sure of alignment fore and aft, as well as one edge (lower,), then applied the door frames. I used a #11 Xacto handle to impart the curve by pushing the metal into the inner door facing.

Install the bomb door actuators, then the hinges. Superglue in place and you are done; ready for metal primer and final paint.


SUPERB! This is a must have set for the Halifax with open doors…

Thanks again to Eduard and IPMS leadership for bringing these sets to my door; the Halifax is one of my favorites, and this set made a different by addressing one more solution to my AMS!


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