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Thanks to Eduard for providing more of their excellent aftermarket parts for IPMS USA to review, and to IPMS leadership for sending it to me!

This set vastly improves the appearance and detail of Revell’s 1/72 halifax B III. The kit consists of all the requisite improvements for the forward crew section on the Halifax: a new pilot seat, seat harnesses, instrument/control panels, engine throttles and control levers, radio and bulkhead details, and sidewall details.

This set is simple to use and improves the kit cockpit with little fuss. The parts are not self-adhesive, so there is a need to use your favorite cement/glue to attach things. I use Gator Loups’ polyurethane “Gator glue” for the instrument lamentations, and superglue to attach everything else.

Using a curved #11 blade, I removed the necessary internal plastic details to be replaced. It’s then a matter of painting the interior “British interior green” or black, depending on you resources… then applying all the parts.

A bit of folding and fettling is required for the frames, seat, and other sidewall boxes and Radios. Take your time, and everything fits. Be cautious on the folding of parts, because you CAN do it wrong.

Install the framing, bulkheads, and everything else requires tweezers, a magnifier would be good, and superglue. Each part needs to have the attachment tabs cleaned off before installation.

Analysis: an excellent set! I certainly can’t paint the instrument panels as well as the pre-painted ones provided in this set, and the details make the model come to life.

Thanks again to Eduard and IPMS leadership for bringing these sets to my door; the Halifax is one of my favorites, and this set made a difference by addressing one more solution to my AMS!


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