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The dry brushing technique is a popular and effective method used in scale model building to enhance surface details and bring out textures by selectively applying a small amount of paint onto the raised areas of a model. This technique is particularly useful for replicating weathering effects, highlighting edges, and adding depth to intricate details.

When given the opportunity to evaluate any Ammo by Mig products I jumped at the chance. I received Ammo by Mig’s set number A.Mig-7301 containing Dio Drybrush Medium Green (A.MIG-0606), Dio Drybrush Green (A.MIG-0607), Dio Drybrush Light Olive Green (A.MIG-0608), and Dio Drybrush Medium Olive Green (A.MIG-0609).

Dio Drybrush Paints appeared on the market in 2020 adding to Ammo by Mig's extensive line of modeling paints, books, magazines, weathering products, and supplies. The dry brush paints are available in a wide array of 27 colors including whites, greys, greens, rust, blues, sand, yellows, and metals. These water-based acrylic paints are packaged in wide-mouthed 40ml plastic screw-lid bottles having a gel-like consistency similar to mustard or ketchup. The following is from Ammo by Mig's website.

Ammo has designed a new paint formula specifically for dry brushing with the ideal density and specific characteristics that make it the best type of paint for his technique. The DIO DRY BRUSH is the perfect solution for all those modelers who love this iconic technique, arguably one of the simplest and most effective weathering techniques. Simply use a brush of any size, load it with paint, dry it to the touch by rubbing it on a piece of paper towel or a cloth remove the excess, and then apply it by gently rubbing on the details of your model to create a smooth, uniform texture.

An excellent 19-page overview and user guide can be found at:

The Review

For this review, I used a 1/16th scale M50A1 Ontos, which was just completed. I decided to apply the products to different areas of the vehicles during the weathering process. As you can see from the image of the model, there are subtle differences that were highlighted versus other areas. I am pleased with the results.


Before purchasing any new product, I look at some of the factors that might affect my buying decision such as cost, ease of use, quality, performance, need, and do I already have a comparable item in my inventory. Although price and quality are the primary considerations, the other factors play a significant role. Additionally, as modelers, the question "Do I really need it" is moot. But, for the review "need" was addressed.

At 2,95€ (US suppliers $3.99-$4.50) and given the 40ml size of the container, I found the products to be cost-effective alternatives to other items. Regarding ease of use, they performed as advertised. Only a small amount was needed, wash-up was a snap, and spilling was not a factor due to their consistency. The performance was even better than I anticipated. Having used Ammo by Mig products previously and finding them to be of high quality, these Dio Drybrush paints did not disappoint me. Do I really need another item to add to my arsenal of paints and weathering products? Definitely Yes. I am convinced they will be an asset. For these reasons, I plan to purchase a selection to add to my inventory.


  • No shaking
  • Dense with a gel-like consistency.
  • Contains more pigment than standard acrylic paints.
  • Light pressure to apply.
  • Easy to blend on wet or dry painted models.
  • Create smooth transitions between areas on models.
  • Convenient.
  • Multiple layers can be used to achieve the appearance of depth and dimensions to the details.
  • Wide mouth

Thanks to Ammo by Mig Jimenez and IPMS/USA for allowing me to review these new Dio Drybrush Paints.


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