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A true blast from the past, Atlantis Models has reissued the Aurora Godzilla kit with glow in the dark parts. As a kid, I remember the “Frightening Lightening “versions. This issue comes in a square box with alternate glow parts for the head, hands, feet, spine, top of the tail and nameplate. The kit also includes the destroyed city base. Total parts are 32 in Godzilla green with 14 separate glow alternate parts.

Building the kit, my first recommendation is to get a razor saw to cut the parts loose. The runner gates are thick and cutting them neatly helps the fit. I have built this kit as a finished non-glow kit, so I opted for the glowing parts this time. I assembled the parts using a lot of trial and error and clamps. With a little time and effort, the fit is decent especially for a model of this vintage, at least for the sub assemblies. The attachment of the arms and legs to the body is good on one arm but the rest leave gaps. I use Perfect Plastic Putty which you apply and wipe off with water and it closes the seams well. The head was given the same treatment as well as the feet and hands. I did not want to putty the glow parts as it will prevent the glow. After assembly, I grey primed the kit with a double action airbrush to feather it slightly on the glow parts. In the end, every time I go into the basement I am greeted by “Glowing Godzilla.”

A second approach to the model is the take the time and fill all of the seams. I had done this previously and added some shots of this assembly option. To do this, you will need to do the above but sand all the seams smooth and add the texture back in with a half round file. To get the legs, hands, and head, I used Aves Apoxie Sculpt and ran a bead on all seams. I then sculpted in the seams to match the surrounding flesh. Time consuming but fun!

This is a great kit. It can be used to draw kids in, with quick assembly and brush painted. It can be made well, with time taken to make it nice or it can be made to glow in the dark. Awesome choices. Is it really Godzilla, sure, why not? This is a great weekend kit for families.

Recommended for fun! My thanks to Atlantis Models for the review kit and trip down memory lane.


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