German/Austro-Hungarian Mechanic w/ Tail Skid Cart

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Company: Aerobonus - Website: Visit Site
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Aires Aero-Bonus has done an excellent job with this kit. The figure consists of a head, two arms, and a body. The figure is easy to remove from the resin runner. A small saw will make that task fair easy. Some small amount of sanding will be necessary in order to attach the arms to the body. Figure painters have taught me to drill a hole in the heel of a boot and to insert a wire in order to hold the figure steady while painting. In this case, I was unable to place the hole in a boot heel. Instead I drilled the hole downward through the point at which the head will be attached to the body. With some careful sanding, the lower arms fit nicely onto the upper arm, which is molded onto the body. It is a simple chore to remove the small seams, if any appear at all, and with the arms in place the figure is ready to paint.

The tail skid cart consists of a handle, a long shaft with one end to the attached to the handle and the other to be attached to the tail skid cart, two wheels, and the “cart” which has a round receptacle for the aircraft’s tail skid. One must be careful when removing the cart parts from the runner. This is especially true for the handle and the long shaft. I found that an Xacto with a round blade worked well when removing these parts from the runner. As is shown in the images which accompany this review, the wheels were removed from the runner with a saw.

The parts may need a little work to remove some flash once they have been separated from the runner, but it is a short process. I found that I had the figure assembled in less than 15 minutes, and the cart in about 25 minutes.

I found the parts to be well molded, with a good “fit” even before sanding. The instructions provided some basic color information for the figure and cart, and it was the painting that took the most time, calculated at about 90 minutes.

This kit is highly recommended due to its detail, quality of molding, and helpful instructions. Thanks to Aires AeroBonus for providing a sample kit for review by IPMS/USA.


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