German WW I machine gun Parabellum LMG14/17 (1pcs)

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Although suitable for other 1:32 scale kits, this Master barrel set is aimed at the new Wingnut Wings WWI two-seater aircraft such as the Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 or the LVG kits. Meant as a turned brass barrel replacement, along with a carry handle, side bracket and sights in PE brass, the parts are finely made and, other than the two barrel parts, very tiny.

Installation is simple. Cut off the plastic barrel assembly, drill out an appropriately sized hole, assemble the brass barrel and cooling jacket and CA them into the hole. The rest is not so simple.

Working with the tiny photoetched parts for the carry handle, sights and side bracket is frustratingly difficult. The handle has little contact area to glue to the cooling jacket, once you get it bent into proper shape. Some reviewers have said these are meant to be soldered; I think that would be an easy path to madness,

The bending into shape is easier said than done. Same for the front sight. Even though I have a Hold-N-Fold I managed to "sproing" the little sight piece into the black hole that lives under my workbench. I did not attempt to bend the little bracket, which is less than half the size of the sight piece, and left it off the gun.

Once installed on the gun and painted, the barrel and small cooling jacket pretty much disappear. The Wingnuts Wings part is finely enough detailed that I would not bother with the expense and trouble to modify the next LMG 14/17 but leave it stock. I think it is difficult to tell the difference without a strong light and a close look.

However, if you must have an increase in realism, this certainly is one way to achieve it. Be prepared for close work with tiny parts. As they say, your mileage may vary.

Thank you goes out to Master Models in Miniature and IPMS/USA for this review sample.


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