German Horse Drawn Large Field Kitchen (w/figures)

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Company: Riich Models
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Even if the German Army was known for their mechanized divisions, they had an incredible number of horses pulling wagons during WWII. This kit represents a horse drawn field kitchen. This is indeed a very valuable kit of an often ignored aspect of military: logistics support for a fighting army.

Upon opening the box you find 12 sprues, two photoetch frets, two 4-inch chains, a piece of thread and a small decal set. Actually it is hard to close the box once you have opened. That is a full meal of a field kitchen model! (pun intended).

Riich is reboxing and adding some sprues to their horse drawn wagon. There are a total of 19 steps for the assembly, but many of the steps include sub-steps, so it is over 100 total steps to fully assemble this kit. Instructions are very clear and well laid out.

As you can see from the pictures the parts are crisply molded, with no flash to be found anywhere. The gates (connecting sprue to the piece) are of average size and care is needed when removing small parts. All the figures (horses, dog and driver) have excellent surface detail and should look great when painted and a wash is applied to them. I actually think that the horses and their harness are the highlight of this kit. By the way, the molds include a single horse saddle, as apparently one of the horses was saddled so it could be used as transportation independent of the main wagon.

Photo-etch is used to enhance the detail of the kit. It is mainly used for the food container handles, the shoe horses, the reins and such.

Recommended to modelers with experience working with small photoetch parts.

I would like to thank Riich, Dragon Models and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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