German Elite Infantry

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December 12, 2014
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Company: Master Box Ltd - Website: Visit Site
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This kit contains two grey sprues with 63 overall parts to build 5 full figures of SS infantry troops on the Eastern Front. Three of the soldiers are carrying food, so it seems that they just raided a farm and are happily on their way to make dinner. One soldier is carrying two chickens, while another has eggs or potatoes in his helmet. A third is carrying a watermelon on the box top, but it really is a cabbage. Most are smiling and have happy expressions on their faces.

There also is a sprue with 112 parts of German weapons and personal equipment included. Only five weapons are needed, so lots for the spares box. Each figure is divided into a head, torso, two arms and two legs. The overall detail is very good, but some of the seam marks will need cleaning up. There is a lot of flash on the middle of this sprue.

I decided to build the guy carrying the two chickens. The fit on all his parts was very good and no filler was needed. One thing I liked is the bottom of his tunic and smock are separate pieces, so this makes for a very nice undercut look. His face is very detailed for a plastic kit, but his left ear needs some scribing to give it some deeper detail. The wings of the chicken are separate, and there is a small gap when gluing them together. I left these off to aid in painting the soldier. The wings would really be in the way while trying to paint the camouflage pattern on his smock.

As with most Master Box figure sets I have built, the assembly instructions are on the back of the box. There is no painting guide, but there are two examples of the camouflage patterns for the smocks and helmets. One strange thing I noticed is that the SS collar insignia is blacked out on the front of the box, but not on the back. This is probably something to do with selling this in Germany.

I would like to thank Dragon Models USA, Master Box and IPMS for the opportunity to review this interesting figure set. It is great to see subjects like this that shows soldiers in their everyday life and not just fighting.


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