German and Austro-Hungarian Fighter Pilot WWI 1914-1918

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A perfect addition to your diorama or display base is this Aires Aerobonus figure. This German or Austro-Hungarian Pilot figure is designed to be used with any German or Austro-Hungarian WWI aircraft (Albatros D.III / D.V, Berg D.I / D.II, Fokker E.III / E.IV, E.V, D.VII, Oeffag D.III, Pfalz D.III, D.XII, Phonix D.I / D.II / D.III, Siemens-Schuckert D.III / D.IV, etc.) Aires Aerobonus provides you with a resin figure with side bars to protect the figure. Of note is the re-sealable packaging that Quickboost uses that makes the parts easy to review and then stuff back into the package securely. The supplied instructions provide color drawings for painting.

Aires Aerobonus has molded the figure in light grey resin with no bubbles that I could find. The mold seams clean up easily and the resin plug is easily removed from the shoes with a razor saw or Dremel. The sculpting is great with the proportions of the figure perfect. The jacket and pants are well executed with appropriate wrinkles and folds.

Although most paints will adhere to resin alone, I would recommend that you wash the parts to remove any remaining mold release and prime them first. I primed the figure with Vallejo light grey, and then followed up with additional Vallejo paint to match the colored illustration in the instructions. I followed that with a wash and then dry brushed in some highlights. Now I just need to find a fighter that needs a pilot….

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Aires Aerobonus and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this set.


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