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The kit contains a 3 ton truck, apparently an Opel Blitz although it does not say so, a driver figure, and a sprue of fuel drums, jerry cans, bags and rolled up tarps, and decals for two marking options.

There are two duplicate sprues for the wheels and tires, some suspension parts, headlights and other parts that are identical. The ejector pin marks are on inside of truck bed and inside of the doors and easy to hide. Unfortunately, there is no option for canvas cover to be over the bed. There is also no engine in the kit. The grill is molded solid as are the tool clips. The kit does have an option for clear headlight lenses or covered headlights with a horizontal slit across the face of the headlight.


Initially the assembly went very well. The parts fit well and are generally designed for easy assembly. The steering column inserts from engine well side of the firewall and is very secure, ensuring proper angle of the steering wheel.

Assembly of the cab was more difficult than I expected. There are seven parts that have to be aligned – nine counting the doors. It was somewhat difficult to get a good fit with everything square and get uniform seams along the hood panels and doors. This took me several tries and a few frustrated expletives. In the end it looks good, but it took some effort.

Except for that anomaly, the kit went together without a hitch. Some parts were painted in sub assemblies, e.g. the inside of the cab and the tires.


I sprayed a base coat with Tamiya rattle-can lacquer dark yellow. Although the kit provides markings for earlier war dark grey schemes, I prefer the later war color. I shaded the vehicle with acrylic wash mixed with an additive that slows drying and prevents spotting while the wash dries. Highlights are dry-brushed with lightened dark yellow enamels. I applied the instrument decals to the dashboard, and, although the decals with this kit are quite nice, I chose not to apply decals to the exterior of this vehicle.

This is a very nice kit and a relatively quick build if you’re careful assembling the cab. It provides you with option to have a driver figure and cargo in the truck bed. Recommended without reservations.

Thanks to Tamiya for supplying the kit and thanks to IPMS for the opportunity to review it.


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