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December 13, 2013
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Wooden Crates Set #3
Company: Value Gear - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Value Gear - Website: Visit Site
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Value Gear has been on the model scene for about two years now. The company is out of Ireland where the owner/operator is a Daytime Dad and a nighttime casting machine. These are almost his words off the website. The premise behind the idea is “Any Army Any Era. This is a great concept and a wonderful application. NO helmets, roadwheels or weapons that will “set” the stowage. These items, and there are plenty, can be used on almost every vehicle from WWI to the Present.

This set is number three in a series of eight. All are different but I bet some are repeats. Each set contains a number of wooden crates from small to large size. In this set you get a total of 19 wooden crates. There are several duplicates which is great for using a certain crate. There is wood detail on all sides except the bottom. Some of it is super fine and might not take the dry brushing well. We will definitely see. The great thing about this set is that there is not a single pour lug that needs to be removed. All that is needed is some sanding and you are ready to go.

Like all resin, it is best to give the parts a good soap and brush cleansing to ensure all mold release agents are removed. Remember that resin particles are hazardous and you should always complete these tasks using water to keep the dust down and wear a cheap doctor’s mask to keep the particulates out of your system. There is not one single air bubble on these items!!! Some of the higher end resin producers could learn a thing or two from Value Gear!

The five parts I painted (one of each style) were all done the same way. I simply painted the crates a base of Model Master Schokladen Braun and allowed to dry. I then did a simple drybrush of Model Master Wood mixed with yellow and white to give different shades. I painted the bands on the large box steel to finish this group off.

I would like to thank Value Gear for releasing and providing these sets. They are an EXCELLENT way to fill out a truck, diorama or an armored vehicle. Even though they have a large selection, I hope they make some more modern items to be a little more “TIME” specific. Special thanks to IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it. Get out there and pick up one or two or even all of these great sets! You will not be disappointed.


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