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June 13, 2015
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The GBU-8/B HOBOS (Homing Bomb System) was developed in the late 60’s by the U.S. Air Force in an effort to improve the accuracy of its bombs. ; The HOBOS consisted of an electro-optical guidance system fitted to a MK 84 2,000 lb. bomb and was intended as an alternative to the then new laser guided bombs. ; The advantage of the HOBOS was that once the seeker was aligned with the target and locked on, the weapon could be released as a fire and forget weapon. ; Disadvantages were that the seeker needed an area of high contrast to lock on to and the system was more expensive than the laser guided bombing systems.

Eduard’s GBU-8/B HOBOS is a nice addition to their growing Brassin range of modern ordinance. ; The set consist of just 4 parts, consisting of two complete bombs as individual castings with a small clear resin casting of the two seeker heads. ; The set also includes a small be complete decal sheet providing enough stencils and markings for both bombs, with a few extras in case some of the small decals are lost.

The GBU-8/B HOBOS is one of the most colorful weapons around and this is well illustrated in Eduard’s instruction sheet. ; While the bomb body is standard olive drab, the seeker section of the weapons has brass, silver and white aluminum sections while the strakes and tail section are brass color as is the conduit along one side of the weapon. ; The straps attaching the strakes are silver as are the mounting lugs and a couple of small details on the tail fins. ; All these colors on a 2 inch long weapon resulted in a couple of fun nights of detail painting.

The clear resin seeker heads are very clear and nicely done, but they really pop when dipped in Future.

The detail in the castings is exquisite as expected from Eduard and when completed, the GBU-8/B HOBOS present a sharp contrast to the normal olive drab ordinance of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Highly recommended. ; Thank you to Eduard for the review sample and thank you to IPMS-USA for letting me review it.


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