Fw 190F-8 Gun Bay

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November 7, 2017
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Revell FW-190F
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Short History

The MG 151 was a 15-mm aircraft-mounted autocannon produced by Waffenfabrik Mauser during World War II. Its 20mm variant, the 20 mm MG 151/20 cannon, was widely used on German Luftwaffe fighters, night fighters, fighter-bombers, bombers and ground-attack aircraft.

What’s in the Box?

The Aires set arrived in the standard blister pack we all have come to recognize. Secured in place with a small black foam block accompanied with the familiar blue instruction sheet that in for better or worse terms be very vague at times. The resin parts are highly detailed and somewhat delicate. My sample was flawless and bubble free however the gun barrels where a little on the brittle side. The set contains parts for both gun bays including the guns, ammo cans, feed chutes and single part cover doors

The Build

I wish I could say this was pains free but I would be lying and many of us who have used these things no you will be test fitting more than building lol. The Instructions call for you to cut the old gun bay doors of the old Revell pieces to make room for the gun bays and all related hardware.

I decided to take my sweet time an be as precise as I could, often marking with a red sharpie marker and slowly either cutting material away or forcibly shimmying the gun bays right where I wanted them.

The JLC razor saw along with my KMC Saw became my best friend during the construction and installation of these gun bays and It made my life easier, I sanded more on these gun bays than I think I ever have on any part just due to the nature of the beast and wanting everything to fit in place perfectly.


I chose to stick to Model Master enamels for the painting and finishing of this Aires set. The majority of the parts received RLM 02 tan for the gun bays, underside of the single part gun doors, and the ammo cans.

For the MG 151’s I used Tamiya gunmetal and I used the same for the barrels. I tend to like Tamiya’s gunmetal color a lot better and with the doors posed open on my butcher bird the gunmetal cannons made those open doors exposing the birds bite an eyeful.

I used a worn-out brush and some good ole square bottle Testors silver to pick out details and dry brush, I still love to use those little things every once in a while, after I was satisfied with how the gun bays turned out I sealed them with a layer of Testors dullcote


This Revell kit was by far the biggest add on project I have ever taken on. My many thanks to IPMS, Dave Morrissette and Dick Montgomery for allowing me to review this item and the many more that went into this build and Aires for the opportunity to once again enjoy their product.


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