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October 13, 2010
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Company: Eagle Editions Ltd. - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Eagle Editions Ltd. - Website: Visit Site

Eagle Editions is notorious for everything Luftwaffe and their expertise is world renowned so this latest release from them is very welcomed.

This sheet features four FW-190As, three A-3s and an A-2 and is also available in 1/32nd scale for the new Pacific Coast Model. Printed by Cartograf the decals are thin and respond well to any setting solution, this single sheet is quite colorful. I’ve used the Microscale system, Gunze Mr. Mark Softer and Walther’s Solvaset on Cartograf decals before without any problems. The decals are printed in perfect register and contain the markings for the four aircraft and stencils for one complete aircraft. My sheet contained swastikas but overseas buyers may or may not receive them depending on your local laws.

The instructions consist of a four sided 8x10 with profile views and plan views for all four aircraft. While the aircraft are not airbrushed the profiles are very nice and will prove useful to the modeler when painting. As is typical for EagleCals, there is a side dedicated to stencil placement.

My favorite subject on the sheet is Pips Priller’s A-2 with its colorful markings and signature Jutta Ace of Hearts card. Others will find the yellow Tatzelwurm from JG1 more to their liking. A whitewashed A-3 from JG51 is provided with the unique squiggle behind the chevron. The last A-3 on the sheet is a ground attack version from SchG1. This features the ground attack emblems as well as the Mickey Mouse emblem on the cowling. There is also an additional photo 8x10 page that actually shows this airplane in flight to great advantage. It will prove useful to have at the paint booth when you get to this stage. The modeler is also given a written description of all the paint schemes applied and the reference for those who like to see the real thing.

Colorful aircraft, perfect decals and excellent reference material, what more could you ask for in a decal sheet? If you have any of the early 190s that need some color these offer a great variety and value. If you have the Pacific Coast FW-190, don’t forget to check out the 1/32nd scale set as well.

This product is highly recommended.

Thanks to Eagle Editions for the review copy. You can obtain your copy by contacting them at https://www.eagle-editions.com. Let them know IPMS/USA sent you. While you are there check out the other great Luftwaffe items they have like the resin and books.


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