FW-190A-F Prop & Spinner VDM-9-12176A Wide Wooden Blades

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May 17, 2014
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Ultracast has cut out a niche market for itself with propellers. Their latest releases are designed for the Hasegawa Focke Wulf 190A/F.

Late-war Focke Wulfs were often fitted with wider-blade wooden props. This particular model of prop blade has a pointed tip, which is hard to replicate. Until now they have been difficult to find and their shape has not been quite correct. Ultracast has captured the shape perfectly for the first time.

This set is packaged in a small plastic bag secured onto a cardboard backing. The resin is typical Ultracast, molded in a light caramel color and free of blemishes. There are minimal pour blocks, which can be cleaned quickly and easily. Minimal flash is present on the spinner and cooling fans. Clean up of these castings will be easy with a new hobby blade.

The Focke Wulf 190A/F used one of two types of cooling fans. One fan had twelve vanes and the other had fourteen. Hasegawa has only included the fourteen vane version as a white metal part with select releases. However, Ultracast has included both types of cooling fans with this set, so now you can make any version of the FW 190A/F from any Hasegawa kit. Care will have to be taken cleaning up the fan blades, but they should come out quite easily. The angle of the fan blades is more pronounced in comparison to the kit part, which have a flatter pitch to them. Ultracast has gotten it correct.

Another issue with the Hasegawa kit is that the spinner is too pointed and lacks detail. Ultracast’s spinner has the proper shape with the fastener detail that is lacking on the kit spinner. The blade openings are deep and accurately shaped. The grips will easily allow the modeler to fit the prop blades. However, it will be up to the modeler to set the pitch of each blade.

The wide-chord wooden blades, with their distinct shape, will add to the visual impact of your model. While designed for the Hasegawa kit, I’m sure you could use this and the rest of the Ultracast blades on any Focke Wulf kit.

This set features excellent research, flawless execution and an ease of cleaning that makes this another highly-recommended winner from Ultracast.

Thanks to Ultracast for providing this set and to IPMS/USA for the chance to review it.


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