FW-190A Die-Cut Flexible Mask

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December 23, 2021
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Base Kit
Company: Eduard - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Eduard - Website: Visit Site

This product is a set of paper adhesive masks for any of the Eduard FW-190A and FW-190F kits. It will also work for almost any current FW-190 kit. Although I haven’t tried it on any of the FW-190D kits on the market. It is made up of two sheets of yellow masking paper, with cutouts for the canopy, windshield, and wheels. Although the wheel masks are included, the instruction sheet only covers the canopy masks, which will do for either the flat or bulged unit. These can be removed undamaged from the sheet with a pair of pointed tweezers, and they are simple to use. They cover the edges of the canopy only, and the central window area is supposed to be filled in with liquid mask, although masking tape works just as well. They save a lot of work and are highly recommended for use on any FW-190 kit.


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