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About the Item

What we have here is a very detailed replacement propeller, hub and mechanism for the recently released Revell FW-190 F-8 Kit.

What’s in the Box?

The box comes with a total of 7 resin pieces of light and dark gray color and one photoetch template. These parts are designed to replace the Revell parts, which are nice, but not nearly as detailed as the Eduard Brassin line of resin accessories.

These propeller parts are in my opinion a must and very cheap quality add-on for modelers who would prefer a little more realism and quality in their masterpiece.

The Build

This is a pain free build and has very minimal steps and parts count. Always clean your resin parts to get all debris and chemicals associated with resin parts to not only look out for your own health but to increase the quality of the build. Be mindful of breathing in the dust and shavings. I used only a JLC razor Saw and tweezers for my build. The only exception was the hole needing to be drilled using the provided template. The instructions called for a 2mm wide by 6mm deep hole to be drilled through the center of the propeller hub for the prop shaft to fit (more like squeeze) through.

I also appreciated the prop blade alignment tool included, and it helped getting that perfect angle for the blades, which was secured with Zap brand thin CA.


I chose to stick to Model Master enamels for the painting of the propeller and related components. I sanded and cleaned up the propeller blades using 91% rubbing alcohol. After a quick drying time, I used Model Master primer followed by MM RLM70 green black for the propeller blades and hub. The prop mechanism and backplate got painted flat black with dry brushed silver to accent the details, although the prop hub conceals all that work.

After 24 hours of paint drying, I gloss coated with Future and used the kit provided white swirl decal on the hub. I used a lot of Micro Sol and Micro Set to enable time to work the intricate decal and also make it snug into all that gorgeous rivet detail brought out in the Eduard hub replacement


It was great to have such a nice price-friendly propeller alternative for my Butcher bird. It would be well worth the money spent to add this to your goodies box for any future Revell FW-190 builders. My thanks to IPMS, Dave Morrissette, and Dick Montgomery for allowing me to review this item for my build and many thanks to Eduard for the opportunity to enjoy their product.


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