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Brengun Models is a scale model and detailing parts manufacturer located in the Czech Republic. Their lines include limited production run multi-media kits and exquisitely detailed photo-etched, turned brass and white metal replacement parts for aircraft in the most commonly produced scales.

Brengun has produced a photoetched brass exterior detailing set for the already very nicely detailed 1/32 Hasegawa Fw-190 D-9 kit. The set is packaged in a sealed-fold clear plastic sleeve. There are three plates of photoetch included. Plate one includes wing root plates, main gear cover components and some of the cowling components. Plate two includes the rear canopy cover plate, opposite main gear cover components; underwing cannon access plates, canopy framing and braces, wheel well plates and other main gear bits. Plate three consists of miscellaneous exterior cover plates and hatch covers, main cowling support, and canopy frames.

The instructions consist of exploded view illustrations of each assembly. While not foolproof, they provide experienced modelers with the general assembly sequencing. Those new to photoetch may have trouble (as did I) without more detailed folding sequencing. Studying the instructions and planning the folding sequences are key to the successful use of these parts. The use of the hatch covers and access panels will require careful thinning of the part location to slightly recess the photoetch parts into the plastic surface. This may seem redundant, but when done correctly, results in a subtle texture change that is very effective under camouflage painting. Alternatively, they provide a scale thickness part to pose the hatch or cover plate open for those choosing to super detail the interior compartments.

Some cautionary advice: for those without basic modeling experience, use CA (“superglue”) sparingly, or epoxy glues to assemble and attach these parts to your plastic kit, as the usual plastic solvent-type glues do not react with the metal parts. Some parts will be better assembled by soldering. Handling of the assembled parts requires extreme care and patience, as they are very, very fragile. Final placement is best done with fine tweezers and sticky tip applicators. Painting of the assemblies will be necessary, so check your references, and be sure to prime with the appropriate materials that are compatible with your preferred paints.

While not suitable for novice modelers, this is an excellent detailing set that will lend increased realism to the 1/32 Hasegawa Fw-190D-9 in the hands of those with prior photo etch assembly and use experience. These sets can be purchased at the Brengun website above.


Thanks to the IPMS Reviewer Corps and Brengun for the opportunity to review this item.


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