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This new Snap and Play kit from Revell is part of a series of kits going after the most junior of modelers. Ideal as a first model kit these models are pre-finished in a multitude of colors and have the minimum parts count to simplify constructions.

All the parts are packed in individual plastic bags to retain their finish and are removed the spure runners with the attachment points cleaned up. There are no tools necessary to complete the construction.

Parts Count - 17 total parts

  • 1 Pre-finished Ford Crown Victoria police car
  • 5 Clear styrene and finished parts
  • 5 Black parts
  • 2 Axles with wheels and tires attached
  • 2 Chassis mounting pins
  • 2 Chrome and colored parts

It actually took me longer to unpack, separate and count the kit parts than it did to construct the kit. The instructions are way simplified with no more that three parts going into each step. There are a total of 7 steps.

Geared towards the 5+ crowd even youths who may just learning to read should be able to navigate their way through the assembly process. The only words used in the process are “push, 1st, 2nd, front, rear, red and blue.”

The best thing is once completed these kits make for hardened toys ready to be rolled around kitchen floor.

Now you maybe asking are there any reasons a seasoned modeler may be interested in adding one of these to their collection. Tough to answer, but if your have young children or grandchildren it maybe nice to have around for that occasion when they want to build a model with “Pops”.

I spent just a little over 12 minutes on this build with no time spent on the painting and decaling. You may have figured out now that I highly recommend this model from Revell for the ease of construction and fun factor for the youth.

Thanks to everyone at Revell for the chance to review the Ford Crown Victoria Snap Police Car and to Dick Montgomery, Dave Morrisette and the support staff of the IPMS/USA reviewers corps.


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