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Introduced by Ford in 1988, the AeroMax was part of their L-Series of trucks produced over 28 years starting in 1970, designed for fuel efficiency, performance, and comfort for long hauls.

Revell’s 1/32 SnapTite kit embodies AeroMax with 52 parts molded in white, black, chrome plate, and clear. A sheet of peel-and-stick decals and a set of instructions round out the box contents.

Parts are nicely molded, with appropriate raised and recessed detail. Fit seemed to be pretty good, although some of the snap features required reinforcement with a little liquid cement. Instructions are clear and assembly sequence was straightforward. Box art and instruction drawings also provide ample guidance for those wishing to paint their model. The peel-and-stick decals are crisply and printed and in register, with die cuts around raised features such as hood latches and door hinges.

Left to his own devices, Camden (nearly 7 at the time of this build) applied his junior modeling skills to his first truck kit. With minimal supervision from Dad, he assembled the kit with little difficulty, although one part was lost while visiting Mom’s office, and Dad did need to help “focus” the lad on the instruction sequence to ensure the chassis and body could be properly attached. Upon completion, Camden and I were both very pleased with the result, and the size – compared to his other cars – really captivated his imagination.

This is a kit that kid and parent both highly recommend for the beginning modeler. It’s big, not terribly complex, and is a lot of fun to build!

Thanks to Revell for the sample kit and to IPMS/USA for the privilege to review it.


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