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Thanks to Piotr at Master models for providing one more great pitot tube to improve our models, and thanks to IPMS Reviewer Corps leaders for sending this my way!

This pitot tube/air probe is a simple upgrade to Airfix’ most recent 1/48 Jet model, the Folland Gnat T1. Previously reviewed as a build kit, I figured it would only be a matter of time before Master released this for the Gnat…

On side-by-side comparison, it is evident Master Model’s pitot is an improvement on the kit item. Finesse, is, as usual, the key word to describe what Master model products provide over kit injection molded pitot tubes. There is just no way plastic, (or frankly resin replacements), can compete with metal. Cleanup of the plastic version’s injection port is “dicy” at best, particularly on the side of the tube… I rarely have success with this, so I have, in the past, opted for needles. Not optimal, but acceptable.

In the case of the Gnat, the pitot is mounted right up front at the extreme nose to provide un-interrupted airflow, and there is just no good way to avoid damage with a plastic pitot. The master metal pitot makes all the difference in the world for a more robust solution.

Simply replace the kit pitot with the metal version; This is done by following the instructions! Remove the tube from the mount where indicated, install in the model, and let the cement cure. Then, I used a #75 drill bit in a micro ferrule to carefully drill about 1/8” into the nose mount for the pitot tube. epoxy or superglue into place; I used superglue and painted it aluminum/silver. This was a nice finish to a kit I built three months ago to review something else… the Pitot was what I was waiting for!

Full marks once again to Master Model for an excellent product; thanks again for providing this item to IPMS USA!


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