Fokker D.VII Part 4

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Base Kit
Wingnut Wings Fokker D.VII
Company: Lifelike Decals - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Lifelike Decals - Website: Visit Site
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Lifelike Decals continues to release aftermarket sets of decals for 1/32 scale Fokker D.VIIs. Each set provides full national insignia and personal markings for four colorful aircraft. The latest two sets were released at the same time and offer marking options for aircraft built by various manufacturers. Set number 32019, Fokker D.VII Part 4, includes markings for the following aircraft:

  • O.A.W.-built Fokker D.VII 2035/18 flown by Leutnant Rudolf Windisch, Staffelfuhrer, Jasta 66, Norman-ie-Wast airfield, late May 1918
  • O.A.W.-built Fokker D.VII (Wk. Nr. Unknown) flown by Vzfw. Karl Gertster, Jasta 62, Higny-Preutin Airfield, October/November 1918
  • Fokker-built Fokker D.VII (Wk. Nr. Unknown) flown by Ltn. d R Heinrich Drekmann, Jasta 4, Monthussart Ferme, July 1918
  • Fokker-built Fokker D.VIIF (Military Number Unknown) flown by Leutnant Josef Veltjens, Staffelfuhrer Jasta 15, Chery-les-Poully Airfield, July/August 1918

Quite a bit of the aircraft and pilot’s histories are provided in the two-sheet multi color placement instructions included in the set. The instructions also provide some information about certain airframe details. The decals are printed on thin film in vivid (and opaque) colors by Microscale. The markings are provided on multiple sheets. The decals will respond well to the Microscale Set and Sol system and should respond equally to other mild setting solutions.

As was the case with their Fokker D.VII Part 3 set, soon after releasing Part 4, Lifelike alerted dealers and modelers to delay selling/using this set because they had determined that some colors used in the sets initially released were also incorrect and would be replaced with corrected/reprinted sheets. Soon thereafter, replacements were provided for those markings. Sets that are ordered now include the corrected sheets.

These decals are highly recommended for modelers who want to finish their 1/32 scale Fokker D.VIIs in striking markings other than those available from WNW.

My thanks to Lifelike Decals for providing the review samples and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review them.


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