Fokker D.VII (Fokker-built) Decals, Part 1

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Wingnut Wings 1/32 Fokker D.VII (Fokker-built)
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With the recent release of Wingnut Wings’ multiple 1/32 Fokker D.VII kits, it’s not surprising that they also quickly offered a number of decal sets with markings for aircraft other than those provided in their kits. Fokker D.VIIs were built by three manufacturers: Fokker, Albatros, and OAW, and this set (#30006) provides markings for five Fokker D.VII fighters that were built by the Fokker works.

There are two sheets in this set. They provide the markings that were unique to five individual aircraft. Decals for the upper and lower 5-color lozenge camouflage areas that were common to all five of these aircraft are not included in the set, but are available in lozenge sets from Wingnut Wings (see previous reviews on this site for more information). The decals, like all of the others from Wingnut Wings, are packaged in clear zip-lock sleeves along with a comprehensive, full-color 4-page instruction booklet that includes application instructions, aircraft profiles, top and bottom wing plan views, color specifications (for Tamiya and Humbrol paints), historical information, and a number of period photos of each of the aircraft covered by the decals. The historical data included in these instructions is a very nice feature, as it can give the model builder information that will help in deciding which of the colorful schemes to select.

The markings in this set are for:

  1. Fokker D.VII “MK”, flown by Ludwig Reimann, Royal Bavarian Jasta 78b, in late 1918. Reimann was credited with 2 victories
  2. Fokker D.VII 373/18, as it appeared in late June 1918 when flown by Heinrich Piel, Royal Bavarian Jasta 13b. Peil was shot down and killed in this aircraft.
  3. Fokker D.VII 382/18, flown by Georg von Hantelmann (25 victories) and Kurt Wustoff (25 victories), Jasta 15, in June 1918.
  4. Fokker D.VII 402/18, flown by Max Hotzem, Royal Bavarian Jasta 16b, in mid-1918. Holtzem was credited with 2 victories). This aircraft displays Holtzem’s personal comet marking similar to that carried on his Pfalz D.IIIa.
  5. Fokker D.VII 244/18, Flown by Lothar von Richtofen, Jasta 11(with 40 victories) and by Aloys Heldmann, Jasta 10 (with 15 victories), June-July 1918.

The decals are manufactured in Italy by Cartograf for Wingnut Wings. They exhibit the same high level of quality as all of the previous decal sets offered by Wingnut Wings. The markings are accurately registered and printed in vibrant opaque colors with minimal carrier film surrounding the printed images. The film may seem to be slighter thicker than some other aftermarket sets, but does not appear so after the decals are applied. The photo below shows the decals provided on the two sheets in this set. All major aircraft markings, cockpit instrument faces, various data plates, propeller emblems, and miscellaneous fuselage markings are included. The decal application instructions on the Wingnut Wings website recommend using a hair dryer to get the large decals to snuggle down and conform to the surface rather than using a setting solution. That way they are literally heat-shrinked onto the surface. However, I have found Cartograf decals usually respond nicely to mild decal setting solutions (that are applied in moderation and then carefully blotted quickly with a soft cloth or Q-tip). However, again I’d like to point out that model builders should take note of Wingnut Wings recommendation to apply heat with a hair dryer because of concerns that large decals could be distorted by applying setting solutions.

This decal set is highly recommended to anyone who has a 1/32 Fokker D.VII kit (specifically a Fokker-built version) and wants to finish it in markings other than those supplied in the kit. Please note that decal sets may only be ordered directly from Wingnut Wings. See their website for ordering instructions.

My thanks to Wingnut Wings and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review these new decal sets.


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