Focke Wulf FW 190D-10

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January 5, 2014
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Aircraft and History

The Focke-Wulf Fw-190 series aircraft may be the best German fighter aircraft in WWII. Developed by Kurt Tank in the late 1930’s, it proved itself in combat over France in 1941. The first Fw-190’s had a radial engine but later on, an inverted V-12 engine was installed and the Fw-190D series was born. This subject, Fw-190D-10 is an interesting subject, only two prototypes were produced and the D-10 did not make it to production. Many of the featured used on the D-10 were later used on the TA 152.


This kit has superb detail inside and out. Cockpit detail is nice and some photo etch is provided. The real gem is inside the wheel bays, you can see the back of the engine and super charger components. All of the control surfaces except the elevator can be displayed in a deflected position.


The assembly process was good, and parts fit were great with instructions that are easy to follow. The cockpit is fairly basic and includes an instrument panel decal that I used a punch set to transfer the dial faces to the panel. The undercarriage is nice and wheel bays assembly is straight forward. I do wish that the wing gun barrels could be installed after the wing was glued together but just be careful not to break off the barrels when sanding & painting. The same is true with the tail wheel having to be installed when the fuselage is halves are assembled.

Painting and Decals

I painted and decaled this kit per instructions and I really dis not have any complaints. One letter did roll up onto itself and I destroyed it trying to straighten it out, That single issue was user error. The paints used were Model Master enamels for the camouflage and Alclad II for metal areas.


This build was a delight and fit was excellent. The subject is an odd choice but that is what makes modeling great, you can model unique aircraft that are not well known.

Many thanks to Hobby Boss and MMD Squadron for providing this kit and to IPMS USA for chance to review it.


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