FJ Fury: Part 1 - Prototypes through FJ-3 Variants

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Bert Kinzey
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102 pages, 264 photographs (207 in color), and 10 full color profiles.
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Volume 12
Company: Detail & Scale, Inc. - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Detail & Scale, Inc. - Website: Visit Site

This book has 3 chapters going over many aspects of this aircraft.

  • Development History
  • Fury Variants
    • FJ-1
    • XFJ-2 prototypes
    • FJ-2
    • FJ-3
  • FJ-1/FJ-2 Details
    • Cockpit Details
    • Canopy
    • Fuselage
    • Wing Details
    • Landing gear
    • Tail detail
    • Engine Details

The book starts with the Development history of the aircraft all the way to production, along with there Variants.

This book has a lot of detail on majority of the aircraft and what I loved the most is the detailed cockpit and how all the oil lines are ran along with the hydraulics, this is a must if you are building one of these models.

I can recommend this book for anyone with an interest in the FJ Fury and its an excellent reference for anyone building this aircraft. I look forward to Part 2 of this book to come out.

Thank you Details & Scales for providing the book.


Submitted by Bert Kinzey (not verified) on Fri, 2021-11-12 13:58


The book also has a complete Modelers Section providing reviews on all of the scale model kits of these Fury variants along with color photographs of completed models.

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