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Mr. Black Publications offers a very thorough and comprehensive series of books which feature “Figure Modelling”. This book is the 16th book in that series.

The book is not a Beginner’s Guide to Figure Painting, although there is much “foundation skills” information that is in the book. Rather, there are eight chapters, each featuring a specific subject, each with a different contributing author.

Each article is accompanied by a number of excellent photographs showing the project “in progress” and “completed”. A list of paints, brushes, primer, glue, and other materials used in the project are provided. This “shopping list” is something that I, as a rookie figure painter find extremely important. In each article, the author describes specific techniques such as base preparation, painting skin, armor, clothing, weapons, and “weathering”, or adding damage to the figure.

The experienced Figure Painter will be encouraged to tackle subjects and techniques they’ve not yet tried while the beginners will be able to use this publication as a path forward, toward better results, using the proper products, and with the photographs providing an example of what a well-done project will look like.

The eight articles are:

  • How to Paint a Roman Figure Using Acrylic and Oil Colors : Sergey Popovichenko. The most interesting portions of this article, for me were those parts that described painting the armor, a technique that I have yet to do well.
  • How to Paint a Medieval Figure : Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth. I found the painting of the cloak to be intriguing as it is shading and shadowing a cloak that is already very dark.
  • How to Sculpt a Viking Figure for Commercial Casting : Igor Kordyukov . Master Sculptor Igor Kordukov uses 124 photographs, showing each step in sculpting this figure. Mr. Kordyukov is a true artist, this piece reminding me of some of the sculptures I’ve seen in world-famous museums.
  • Painting Realistic Texture Effects for Face Skin and Other Materials : Jason Zhou paints a leopard-skin cloak which is awesome! The face on Jason’s figure is magnificent.
  • Painting a WW II Large Scale Bust with Acrylics and Oils : Juanma Vergara. Need help with painting eyes? Juanma’s article covers his techniques with 30 images that feature the figure’s eyes from first coat to last.
  • Painting a Large Scale Napoleonic Bust with Regimental Color : Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth’s second article in this book shows a flag with excellent shadowing, shading, and highlighting.
  • How to Paint a Fantasy Vignette Inspired From Comics Using a Special Technique : Javier Gonzales (Arsies) presents the second part of this project, the first part appearing in “Figure Modelling No.15”. I found the description of his airbrushing techniques and tools very interesting.
  • Painting a Female Fantasy Figure Using Acrylics and Oils...and Making Few Alternations : Adrian Hopwood not only does a superb job with the figure, but the base also caught my attention.

For a look at some of the photographs contained in this publication, go to Mr. Black Publication’s FaceBook page at

This book is highly recommended for the excellent photography, superb explanations of techniques and processes, and a thorough coverage of some extremely useful skills and techniques. Thanks to Stevens International for supplying a copy of this book for review.


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