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Hauler, of The Czech Republic, produces high quality photo-etched sets for AFVs, airplanes, cars, railway vehicles, resin accessories for dioramas, and resin kits. The subject of this review is a Farmer's cart.

These hand carts were typically used on small farms and in villages throughout Europe. There are examples of similar type hand carts still in use today in the United States, principally by the Amish.

The eight parts are cast in light gray resin. The wood grain of the floor and sides of the farmer's cart is nicely rendered. The detail on the two spoked wheels is somewhat lacking but the metal rims are a nice touch. The only flash, on my review example, was on those spoked wheels. But a hobby knife or small file will solve that problem.

Assembly shouldn't present much of a problem. The biggest challenge will be in removing the resin parts from the pour stubs. After removal of the parts and clean up, I simply glued everything together with super glue. The sides of the farmer's cart (Part R2/R3) have beveled support stays. This is the side the attaches to the cart. The instructions would have you center these sides on the base of the cart. Feel free to move them toward one end or the other but do so symmetrically.

Another problem area, if you can call it that, is the diameter of the axle. The axle is smaller in diameter is than the opening in the wheel hubs. I made up for the shortfall with some masking tape wrapped around the axle. One of those times when getting all wrapped around the axle is a good thing.

The assembly instructions show the addition of two support/bracing wires at either end of the open-top, open-ended cart. That material was not provided with my review example but it isn't that hard to fabricate your own. Substituting some thread or scale rope for that purpose would work just as well. Or leave it off altogether as any of those configurations would be historically correct. That aspect should give you an idea of how versatile this kit will be with your next project.

Painting the Farmer's cart from Hauler was painfully easy. I went with a special mixture of artist chalks smeared all over the cart and used a number two pencil for the metallic areas (wheel hubs/rims).

The cart was loaded with scale brush courtesy of a crepe myrtle tree in my yard.

The only challenge that you might face is replicating the wood grain on the cast parts. Any color or degree of weathering for an accessory kit of this nature would be as varied as the farmer's that would be using them. Just let your imagination run wild.

Hauler has provide the modeler with an attractive and reasonably price model accessory that should fit in with any era or scene you choose.

My thanks to Hauler for the review copy. Děkuji.


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