F.A.Q. 3 - Frequently Asked Questions of the Modern AFV Painting Techniques

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May 5, 2019
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Rubén González
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Softbound, 464 pages, 2500 photos
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Company: AK Interactive - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: AK Interactive - Website: Visit Site
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I’ve always been a big fan of the F.A.Q. books; while they are not cheap, they are packed with stunning pictures and high-quality modeling know-how. AK Interactive’s latest F.A.Q. release, version 3 by world-class modeler Ruben Gonzalez, focuses on modern armor. And just like its predecessors, it’s stunning.

The soft-cover book is contains 463 pages on glossy paper. Each page averages six high-quality images and their accompanying descriptions, which means there are around 2500 beautiful images in the book. But this book is more than just pretty pictures…it’s a how-to book and provides stet-by-step methodologies on how to use the modeling techniques used in the images. If you really want to take your modern armor models to the next level, the ways to do just that are in this book. Also included is a section on 3d-printed parts and how to use them.

The book is laid out in the following order:

  • Techniques
    • Chapter 1: Assembly Techniques and special Effects
    • Chapter 2: Textures and Anti-Slip Surfaces
    • Chapter 3: The Weathering Process
    • Chapter 4: Bases, Camouflage, and Markings
    • Chapter 5: Filters
    • Chapter 6: Washes
    • Chapter 7: Wear and Tear
    • Chapter 8: Chipping
    • Chapter 9: Rust Effects
    • Chapter 10: Dust and Mud
    • Chapter 11: Wet Effects
    • Chapter 12: Accessories
  • Weathering
    • Chapter 1: Light Vehicles
    • Chapter 2: Medium Size Vehicles
    • Chapter 3: Heavy Vehicles
  • The Future of Modelling
    • Chapter 1: Digital 3D Revolution
    • Chapter 2: Detailing a Plastic Kit with 3D Parts

While lots of enjoyment can be had by simply reading the book straight through, to get the most from it, follow the step-by-step guides to recreate the stunning results shown in the book.


Worth every penny. There is simply no better source for learning advanced modeling techniques for modern armor.


  • Step-by-step guides for advances techniques
  • Stunning models
  • Approximately 2500 Stunning images
  • Techniques shown on several different subjects and schemes
  • Techniques can be applied beyond just modern armor
  • Up-to-date technology, including 3D-printed parts


  • Expensive…around $76, depending on source and currency conversion rates
  • This book is available in both English and Spanish. The author is Spanish and occasionally the English translations of a bit rough, although this edition is much better than earlier ones

Thanks to AK Interactive and IPMS USA for the opportunity to review this fantastic tome.


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