Fantasy Figures International Issue 21, Summer 2023

Published on
October 8, 2023
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David Grummitt, Tom Foxon, and Andy Whittaker
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A4 Magazine (11.8” x 8.3”), 100 glossy pages with double staples in the spine, replete with high-quality color photographs
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Issue 21 – Summer 2023
Provided by: Guideline Publications - Website: Visit Site
Fantasy Figures International Cover

Fantasy Figures International is a figures, fantasy and Sci-Fi modeling magazine produced four times a year by Guideline Publications out of the United Kingdom. The cover price is £5.99 ($15 in the US), with an annual subscription or £20. Digital editions are available for £3.99 per issue or £11.99 for an annual subscription. In this era of increased publishing and shipping prices, digital editions are a viable option, especially for those modelers who don’t want a physical copy to read.

From the Guideline Publications website:

Fantasy Figures International is back! Our special World Model Expo issue features an extended show report and an exclusive interview with American miniature artist Steven Garcia. Our cover story is a stunning post-apocalyptic vignette by the very talented Andrea Ricciardi, while Rochelle Parente paints a Warhammer-inspired tomb guardian dragon. With all this and much more, Fantasy Figures International is your essential hobby magazine for miniature painters and Wi-Fi modelers alike.

Fantasy Figure International is the only magazine to bring you the best from the worlds of historical and fantasy figure modeling, the various genres of Sci-Fi.

Drawing on talent from across the world, each issue will feature the best-painted miniatures, as well as providing inspiration and information for your own projects. From the team that brings you Military Modelcraft International, Fantasy Figure International will include extensive step-by-step articles, interviews with leading hobbyists, show reports, modeling galleries and in-depth reviews of new releases in the genres of figure, fantasy and Sci-Fi modeling.

High-quality photography will allow you to marvel and admire miniatures in detail, while the text will give you tips to help you to improve your painting and modeling skills and expand your own hobby ambitions.

Whether it's the combat suits and crawlers of the Maschinen Krieger universe, the dark visions of post-apocalyptic modelers, or the more traditional historical figure painting, Fantasy Figure International will have something for every hobbyist interested in first-rate modeling and truly inspirational miniatures.

As primarily an armor modeler, I couldn’t agree more with the description. I found this magazine informative, inspirational, and amazing! At the recent IPMS/USA Nats in San Marcos, I took the figure painting class (presented by talented IPMS/USA members Bob Bethea and Henry Nunez) and found this magazine timely and it encourages to further develop my skills.

Included in the Summer 2023 issue are the following subjects:

  • News and Reviews
  • Screen and Media: Star Wars Ahsoka, Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden figures), Dark Beginnings (Marvel Secret Invasion), The Flash, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny)
  • Sand and Steel: Andreia Rodriguez creates a Star Wars scene highlighting a Y-Wing
  • RoboCat: Javier Molina provides a step-by-step tutorial for a futuristic robotic war machine turned into peaceful use
  • Nuclear Winter: Krzysztof Urban creates a post-apocalyptic scene incorporating a German Kugelpanzer
  • Moson Show 2023
  • At the Bench: an interview with one of the UK’s leading miniature painters, Emma Durrant
  • After the Battle: Stephen Serra builds a Maschinen Krieger figure
  • Abandoned Robot pt. 2: Iosu Jimenez applies washes, paint chips and graffiti
  • Quick and Easy Battle Droids: Jon Gomez paints Star Wars Legion Battle Droids
  • Quick and Easy Bases: Jon Gomez creates bases for his Battle Droids
  • The Kiosk: Diego Cuenca creates a vignette incorporating a robot and a kiosk set in occupied France in WWII
  • From the Vault (FFI: Issue 8): Bumblebee (Transformers)
  • Niobe: David Colwell paints a fantasy figure
  • Figureworld North 2023 from North Yorkshire

I am impressed with Fantasy Figures International, and it appears as a seamless integration of a movie and figure magazine. This is an informative and inspirational magazine and will serve both figure, fantasy, and Sci-Fi modelers, as well as other genres looking to improve their figure painting skills for their aircraft, armor and automotive models.

Profuse thanks to Guideline Publications and IPMS/USA for providing the review sample.


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