The Falklands 1982, Ground Operations in the South Atlantic

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Gregory Fremont-Barnes, illustrated by Graham Turner
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Softcover, 96 pages, history of the conflict, firsthand accounts, full color maps
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Campaign 244
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This year is the 30th anniversary of the Falklands/Malvinas War or the South Atlantic conflict, as it has been known. As such, different plastic model kit sets and publications are been released and The Falklands 1982, Ground Operations in the South Atlantic is among them.

The Falkland conflict included combat in the air, sea and ground. This book concentrates on the ground combat. It is impossible not to refer to the other arms in any conflict, but as the author clearly states a few times during the book, the content is devoted to the ground operations.

The book covers the operations in a chronological order, starting with the events of South Georgia in March, 1982, before moving into the Falklands itself, with the Argentine landings in April, the British landings in May, and the subsequent ground campaign in June, 1982.

Clearly, the author had access to British records and probably to some Argentinean files. As such, most of the content in the book reflects the British side of the operations, although the Argentinean side is properly covered. There are also several firsthand accounts by both Argentinean and British soldiers, which add great interest to the reading.

Most of the book covers the events after the landings in San Carlos, including Goose Green and the battle for Stanley, with specific sections for the combat for Mt Longdon, Mt Harriet, Two Sisters, Tumbledown, and Wireless Ridge.

Each of the above battlefields has its own section, with full color maps and in some cases 3D “bird view” rendering of the battlefield and combat. For each combat, a thorough description of the opposing forces is included. Besides, the book is fully illustrated with B&W and some color pictures of the soldiers and the battlefields.

An interesting feature of this book is the last chapter which covers the “Battlefield Today,” with contemporary pictures and descriptions of what the place looks like 30 years after the battle.

Highly recommended to anyone interested in the Falklands conflict.

I would like to thank Osprey Publishing and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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