Fairey Swordfish: Fleet Air Arm Legends #2

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Matthew Willis
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116 pages, soft cover, 100+ photos, 16 colour profiles
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Fleet Air Arm Legends #2
Company: Mortons Books - Website: Visit Site
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The Fairey Swordfish needs no introduction, it being one of those classics of aviation that find themselves famous for being available in the right place at the right time. This new book from Morton Books is the second in their Fleet Air Arm Legends series and is written by noted aviation historian Matthew Willis.

Author Willis weaves a tight story of the need and development of the Swordfish in the early 1930’s, the entry into service and the emergency measures taken to ensure that this obsolescent aircraft was made available in the numbers needed by the FAA when it’s replacement – the Albacore – hit development issues.

The story of the Swordfish’s wartime service is concise and well written and complemented by numerous well reproduced period photos. The Bismarck Action, Taranto and the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic and Russian Convoys, as well as numerous other actions are covered in detail. The author relies on original research and avoids falling into some of the propaganda mythology traps that have built up around the type, and includes quotes and stories from aircrew to add a personal touch.

The photos are complemented by some nice full-colour profiles of the Swordfish throughout its career, something that will be especially appreciated by the modeler.

All in all, a well written and presented package that won’t break the bank. The book packs a lot into it’s 116 pages and it is one I can highly recommend. Many thanks to Casemate Publishing for the review sample.


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